We save farmers money and provide them with peace of mind.

We do this by providing an on farm solution that helps farmers monitor and manage the farm. Our solution doesn't rely on the internet and allows farmers to economically use hundreds of sensors and actuators if they want to. Our platform allows farmers to bring all of the information together in one place which enables better decisions. 

Our mission is to challenge the status quo by bringing strong software development capability to the agriculture sector.


Our vision is to use our strong software development skills and experience to provide real world solutions.


We develop software solutions with an emphasis on quality, resilience and energy efficiency.


The tooling that we use is focused on providing a high degree of quality, allowing us to detect problems sooner rather than later.


The architectural approach we take holds resiliency foremost, allowing our solutions to remain responsive in the face of naturally occurring failure.


The energy consumed by our solutions is minimal to reduce the business cost of running software, and, more importantly, the costs to our planet of consuming energy unnecessarily.


The National Farmers Federation has developed and adopted a code by which farmers can evaluate the policies of providers. We support this code, which is known as The Australian Farm Data Code.


In summary, we believe that the farmer owns their data, they decide whether to consent to the sharing of their data and they should profit from any sharing of their data. Furthermore, data is encrypted during its transmission and where it is stored both on-farm and within our data centers.

Please contact us to enquire further about
the collection, use, storage, security, and sharing
of Farm Data.