Titan Class is the developer of and a solution provider for an IoT platform that enables on-farm decision making. The platform is known as Streambed which was developed in collaboration with Cisco.

The Cisco IoT Decision Platform (xDP)


Titan Class was commissioned by Cisco to develop an IoT solution for farmers, known as xDP. The aim of xDP is to assist Australian farmers by furnishing them with the data they need to make decisions, thereby enhancing the farmer’s productivity. xDP is a hardware/software platform hosted on the farm that can use internet connectivity opportunistically or even not at all. This is a distinguishing feature of xDP as many farms have poor connectivity.


xDP also provides an environment where third-party application and sensor developers are able to deploy their applications and sensors and have them integrate their data. The farmer benefits by being able to visualise their farm operation holistically.


A component of xDP is a micro-service toolkit known as Streambed. Streambed approaches micro-services in a contemporary manner and leverages existing open source projects and communities. Titan Class is the caretaker of Streambed and continue to develop it. Streambed is destined to become open source.

Delatite Station


Delatite Station is a 6,500 acre property near Mansfield, Victoria in Australia. Titan Class has installed and operate a network for the property using Cisco’s xDP. Delatite Station and Titan Class are working closely to develop, trial and evolve sensors for agriculture including the monitoring of electric fences, water tanks and troughs and cattle movements. Titan Class has installed a LoRaWAN tower at a high point of the property that is able to receive data from sensors over 10km away. The tower has its own solar-based power system and transmits data back to the homestead over 3km away.

The Sub-Antarctic Islands


We will shortly be starting a climate science project in conjunction with UNSW and Cisco. The project will provide CO2, weather and tree growth data that will be used to determine the ability of the southern ocean to absorb CO2; a function critical to our planet’s ability to manage its temperature. Our Cisco and xDP experience will be leveraged to install and monitor equipment on a remote sub-antarctic island.